Dr. Mario Gliozzi

mario-gliozziDr. Gliozzi’s research activity is focused on the investigation of the physical conditions of matter around black holes based on the analysis and interpretation of X-ray data from different classes of active galactic nuclei (AGN; especially Radio Galaxies, Blazars, Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies, and true type 2 AGN). He is interested in the unification of black hole systems at three different levels:

1) The unification among the different classes of AGN, with particular focus on the radio-loud/radio quiet dichotomy

2) The unification between active and normal galaxies, investigated by studying the X-ray nuclear properties of bulgeless galaxies and Low-power AGN, which may represent the link between powerful AGN and normal galaxies.

3) The unification between AGN and Galactic Black Hole systems, with particular emphasis for the variability properties .

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Dr. Gliozzi is currently associated with the following research projects: supermassive black holes in bulgeless and low mass galaxies.